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🖤 shungite 🖤

In this day and age it think everyone should have a piece of this magical crystal in there collection this is the one of the only crystals to be scientifically proven to help reduce EMF waves as it transforms harmful man made EMF'S in to wave forms that are more compatible with our biology. There is also scientific evidence that shungite purifies and energies water due to its high carbon content creating filtered water containing natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. I wear a fabulous necklace with shungite to help ground and protect myself 

Shungite is said to 
🖤 Protect from EMF 
🖤Can purify water due to high carbon content 
🖤Grounds you 
🖤Works with the first 3 chakras 
🖤Catalyst for growth and transformation

Shungite Pyramids