Empower Your Life Everyday.

The MoonChild RUTILIATED QUARTZ Crystal Elixir Drinking Bottle has been especially hand-crafted to empower you with all the energies that you need to start to be able to create a connected inspirational life

💛The moon fairies and I love Rutiliated quartz we knew that our next rage of magical hand crafted elixir bottle had to include this mystical crystal!

⭐Rutilated Quartz is said to..

🧡Fabulous vibrational healer
💛 Illuminator for the soul
 🧡 Promotes spiritual growth
💛 Said to have the perfect balance of cosmic light
🧡 Facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance 
💛 Helps let go of past
🧡 Protects against psychic attack
💛 Helps draw off disease from past life
🧡  acts as antidepressant
💛 Release fears phobias and anxiety 
🧡  promotes forgiveness on all levels

Every Crystal Elixir Drinking Bottle made of toughened glass, an eco friendly bamboo base and lid, watertight screw-top cap and a finger-lanyard, come with a the magic is real protective sleeve, crystals screw out easy so they maybe mixed for what ever your day brings 
Cleansed and  blessed by Jess.
Wash with warm soapy water 
Wash throughly before use.

Rutiliated Quartz Crystal Elixir Bottle