Empower Your Life Everyday.

moonlet of emotional balance is hand made using incredibly powerful healing crystals to help you maintain a balanced emotional life.

This moonlet is cleanses charged and blessed by Jess and the moon fairies 

Rose Quartz 

💗Unconditional love,  
💗emotional healer, 
💗comforts grief 

Lava Stone 

💚Connected to Mother Nature 
💚Amazing for aromatherapy on the go tiny drop on each lava bead. 
💜Lavender oil is perfect to help add Balance back in to your emotional life 

Smoky Quartz

💛lifts depression, 
💛brings emotional calmness 


💜Guards against physic attack, 
💜helps over come insomnia, 
💜enhances intuition

Crackled Rainbow Titanium Quartz 

🌈helps regain positive emotion
🌈makes thoughts clear 
🌈helps advance owner to their dreams 


⭐️harmonizes mind body and soul 
⭐️dissolves negativity and prevents negative energy entering the aura 
⭐️useful stone for overcoming compulsions and addictions 


💜halts obsessive thoughts 
💜soothes emotional stress 
💜stabilizes mood swings

Moonlet of emotional balance