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💛MoonLet of Self-love, Confidence & motivation ❤️

The moon fairies and I created this Moonlet to help some one who has been feeling blocked and not like themselves. The inspiration for this Moonlet was from how I have felt for the past couple of weeks, not myself unmotivated, slow and almost drained of love. If you have been feeling like this then the Moonlet was created for you 

The Crystals that form this Magical Moonlet are...

❤️Carnelian - confidence self worth and female empowerment 

💛Fire agate - Protection grounding calming 

❤️Sunshine aura - energetic healing brings joy 

💛Rose Quartz - self love compassion peace 

❤️Rhodochrosite - emotional healing selfless love and passion

💛Citrine - motivation prosperity success 

❤️Crakled quartz - emotional stability goal achievement

Please note: Moonlet is made to order some shades and tones may change as each crystal is unique 

Moonlet of Self-love, Confidence and motivation