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Moonlet of ORDER & BALANCE 





  • Tiger eye combines the energies of the earth and sun to create an extremely powerful crystal
  • Protective 
  • Shows correct use of power
  • Brings out integrity
  • Assits in accomplishing goals 
  • Grounds and facilitates the manifestation of will 
  • Anchors change to the phyiscal body 
  • Helps you recognise both your needs and the needs of others 
  •  Useful for healing mental dis-ease 
  •  Heals issues of self worth and self criticism 
  • Heals blocked creativity
  • Wear on the right arm 


BLUE TIGERS EYE  has all the TIGERS EYE properties plus BLUE TIGERS EYE ; 

  • Calms and releases stress 
  • Soothes the overanxious, quick tempered and phobic 
  • Slows the metabolism 
  • Cools an over active sex drive 



RED TIGERS EYE has all the TIGERS EYE properties plus RED TIGERS EYE  

  • Is a stimulating stone 
  • That over comes lethargy
  • Provides motivation
  • It speeds up a slow metabolism 
  • Increases a low sex drive 




Takes the properties of both these amazing crystals and infuses them together creating a stone that;


  • Helps overcome shyness and timidity, Brings inner harmony 
  • Increases your spiritual levels
  • Helps to win over the affection of others.
  • Brings good luck and protection 
  • Brings clear thinking and insight.
  • It stimulates taking action
  • Helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. 



Moonlet of ORDER & BALANCE