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💙Kyanite and Peacock ora Set 🖤

The moon fairies and I have been super busy creating sets and packs perfect for your loved one on Christmas! 

Kyanite was one of my first all time favorite crystals I stated with blue kyanite  remember tracing all over town to find a piece of blue Kyanite after I lost my beauty. 

Kyanite is said to...
💙 Amplifi high frequency
🖤Stimulates psychic ablities and intution 
💙connects to guides 
🖤Installs compasion
 💙Promotes healing dreams and dream recall 
🖤Instantly aligns chakras clearing the pathway and meridians 
💙 Encourages speaking ones truth 
🖤Slices through confusion
💙Dispels blockages illusion anger and stress 
🖤Increases capacity for logical linear thought 

🦚 peacock ora is said to ..
🦚promote joy and happiness
🦚brings you the ability to see and appreciate the joy available in every moment 
🦚It encourages an understanding that there is nothing wrong in any aspect of your life it is perception xox ❤️

These gorgeous sets come with a fabulous bag to keep them all safe 

Kyanite & Peacock ora Set