Empower Your Life Everyday.

The MoonChild FLUORITE Crystal Elixir Drinking Bottle has been especially hand-crafted to empower you with all the energies that you need to create a tremendous level of personal MOTIVATION on many different levels within your self.

- It Draws off Negative Energy & Stress of All Kinds
- Cleanses, Pure Revised, Dispels
- Reorganises Within the Body Whatever Is Not in Order
- Best Crystal to Help with This Organisation
- Grounds and Heightens Intuitive Powers
- Dissolves Illusion and Reveals Truth
- Excellent Learning Aid (Dyslexia Dyspraxia)
- Grades in Organisation & Processing of Information
- Increases Concentration
- Helps with Balance & Coordination
- Helps Rekindle Sexual Libido
- Powerful against Virus
- Connected to All Chakras

Every Crystal Elixir Drinking Bottle made of toughened glass, an eco friendly bamboo base and lid, watertight screw-top cap and a finger-lanyard, come with a the magic is real protective sleeve, crystals screw out easy so they maybe mixed for what ever your day needs. Each bottle is cleansed and blessed by Jess.
Wash with warm soapy water 
Wash throughly before use.

Crystal Elixir Drinking Bottle FLUORITE