Discover The Origins Of MoonChild NZ

MoonChild NZ was originally established in 2018 by Jessica Vear, a beautifully wild spirit who has had a lifelong passion for astrology and a very special connection with crystals.


From an early age Jessica has been  fascinated by the powerful vibrations that emanate from all the various types of crystals and how they greatly help to heal so many people's problems and start enable their life to flow much more naturally once again.


In her journey through life so far, Jessica has become close-friends with a tremendous amount of different people from all walks of life ... many of whom suffer from the various ailments caused by life such as stress, anxiety, depression, back pain, fatigue and so many more.


Through meeting all these amazing souls and practicing crystal healing with them Jessica  has successfully been able to help significantly reduce so many their ailments and ultimately bring a sense of peace & well-being back into peoples lives.


Early in her life, Jess realised the real-power-energy that various types of crystals have and there non-invasive way of enhancing anybody's life whilst also adding a little touch of magic.




In today's busy modern-world, most people really don't have the time in their hectic lives to have a regular crystal energy healing every single week ... so to solve this Jessica established MoonChild NZ to enable anyone to greatly benefit every single day from the  tremendous & proven power of each type of crystal.


Now with MoonChild NZ's  NEW Crystal-Elixir Drinking Bottles you can empower yourself everyday wherever you may go.